Rookie mistake thinking a little pony would be easy to model. The eyes looked fine while still being modeled, the pony itself looked OK, but when combined – well lets just say I could’ve been a little happier with the result. But I posted it online and there were mostly positive comments and also, more importantly, I really didn’t have the time to try again, so I thought it would have to do :)

2015-09-17 20.42.31-1
Pinkie Pie with MASSIVE eyes.



The order for this one was a gluten-free raspberry / white chocolate cake with marzipan cover. So of course I baked the first sponge cake non gluten-free. Realized my mistake a couple of hours later and made a gluten-free sponge, which of course was  a failure. It became really compact and wouldn’t rise in the oven. Exactly the same thing happened last time I made this, so I went over my old notes from that bake a came up with ”use a larger part of potato flour”. And finally, third attempt went fine and could be used in the cake :) Funny thing is, the gluten-free sponge is really tasty and moist, so maybe I should bake this one more often.

After the small debacle with the sponge, the rest was a cake walk (pun intended!) Have made a slight alteration to my raspberry mousse and that is that I no longer puree part of the raspberry jam, I just use it as is. I imagine that the raspberry flavor gets more intense by this, but I might just be lazy. Of course there are more seeds in the mousse, but personally I don’t mind. If it’s raspberry there should be some seeds :)

When making the white chocolate mousse I try to use a ”finer” white chocolate to keep it from being to sweet. Just chop the chocolate in small pieces, add a small amount of heated (not boiled!) cream and stir until melted. Then add some gelatin to the mix (if the gelatin doesn’t melt, just heat the chocolate mix in a Bain Marie and stir until melted. Then add the chocolate to whipped cream and leave it in the fridge for a couple of hours.

After that I just filled the cake, added a strawberry butter cream as coating (strawberry as the marshmallow fluff I use only comes in vanilla or strawberry flavor, but the raspberry taste is so strong that the strawberry just helps it a long the way). And for once the marzipan cover was really easy to roll out and cover the cake with. I used a pre-colored marzipan this time, since the coloring is one of the most time consuming tasks of the modelling and maybe it was why it was so easy, the marzipan tend to be more loose and brittle when you have added a lot of coloring agent to it.

2015-09-18 15.57.57 2015-09-18 15.58.29


Then I just made a little rainbow and flowers, all in ”rainbow” colors, since I myself associate My Little Pony with rainbows and loads of color :)