First cake order in a long time and I only got a few days in advance, so I had to come up with something within the Minecraft world that would be easy enough to model yet undoubtedly look the part. So I came up with this, it’s supposed to be Creeper. I got the colors a bit wrong, or so at least the birthday kid told me, but at least he recognized who it was immediately. :)

I colored the marzipan little by little to try and get greens that would match, and then using a regular cutter I got all the squares to be the same size. The cutter was a little bit rounded in the corners, but not so much that it disrupted the pattern.

Filling was banana and chocolate, I had never made a banana filling before but started out with a regular mousse like I do all others and then just added some mashed banana to it. The filling turned a bit dark though, so next time I’ll use some lemon in it too, to try to keep the banana from browning.

2015-07-31 12.08.04 2015-07-31 12.52.11