I had never done a monkey before, but Curious George has a really simple yet fun face to model, so for once I was pretty confident about the modelling part. I decided to try out the raspberry / lemon combo filling yet again, since it was a hit on the Germany cake, but then again, when it comes to family you never know if they’re being kind or really honest when they say it was tasty, so trying the combo here again would really put it to the test.

2015-04-03 13.34.41 This is how creamy and nice the sugar and eggs are after whisking it thoroughly for at least 5 mins. I then carefully add the sifted flour, potato starch and baking soda simply by using a big spoon and big movements to keep air coming into the batter.


2015-04-03 14.14.25





It doesn’t really show in this picture, but the finished sponge cake is actually about 15 cm high, so there’s plenty of cake to get 3 bottoms from it.


I make the raspberry mousse with lots of raspberries, vanilla custard and fresh cream. I usually puree a part of the raspberry compote, to avoid getting too much seeds in the mousse. The lemon mousse is made with fresh lemons, a good amount of sugar and with a base of white chocolate mousse. The white chocolate mousse is a great base for many flavours I think, and it adds a bit of sweetness without tasting ”too creamy”. I don’t like the taste of cream so I try to avoid it as best I can.

Up to here is the easy part. Next it’s the butter cream, which I whisk for an infinite amount of time to get it really soft, creamy and tasty. Then you have to get the cream to cover all of the cake in an even, smooth layer that’s not to think nor thin. And after that, the worst part. Trying to get the marzipan cover NOT to stick to the surface when rolling it, then trying to get it up on the rolling pin and onto the cake in one piece, and then finally to try to cover the cake without getting a lot of folds a the base. Not my favourite part really, but I do like marzipan, it’s so much tastier than sugar paste imho.

2015-04-05 08.51.07



Modelling the monkey was a doodle, but then I though the cake looked a little poor, so I decided late late in the evening that some miniature palm trees would do the trick. A great idea, if it hadn’t been so late. But well, of course I had to do it once I thought of it, so on with the modelling.

2015-04-04 22.56.59

Overall, the cake turned out pretty nice I think, it’s not professional in any way, but it looks like Curious George, everything is made from scratch without any prefabricated stuff and with organic ingredients where possible, and the marzipan I use (from a bakery in Örebro of all places) is non comparable to the one you can get in your local super market. And this was the fifth cake ordered by the same family so I must be doing something right :)