My first attempt at a baking sheet sized cake! I thought it would take two batches of cake batter, but it actually took three. That’s a lot of eggs! (15 to be exact). Not really sure what I would do different if I try it again, but something needs to be improved if I don’t want to waste a lot of sponge cake for sure.

Anyways, the cake was to celebrate that my sister had finished her studies in the German language and now was an authorized teacher in the subject (Ein echte Deutschlehrerin! ;))

2015-03-21 16.45.27  I peeled the top of every cake layer, to get the filling to soak better. I also removed the crusted edges around the cake.

I tried a new filling combo on this one, raspberry together with lemon, to add a bit of freshness and acidity to the cake. And it turned out pretty well, my sister said it was a complete hit with all her colleagues. But then again, she’s family so she has to be nice ;)