Well, it looks more like a tractor, but it was supposed to be a digger. Everything is made in sugar paste, so making a proper excavator bucket was impossible since it’s not as sturdy as modelling or flower paste.

Filling on this one was champagne / strawberry.

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I start with boiling some sparkling sweet wine with castor sugar, and then add quite a lot of gelatin to form a jelly. I mix the jelly with some white chocolate mousse which is pretty natural in flavour and is a great base for many mousses. The strawberry mousse is made of strawberries I’ve handpicked during the late summer, rich in flavour and very good quality. This is because I still haven’t found any frozen strawberries in the supermarket that are good enough to use. I mix the strawberry compote with vanilla custard and whipped cream. The cake was then covered with strawberry butter cream.

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I always start with the decorations too late, but it’s because I find it difficult to see the design of the cake before I actually have something resembling a cake in front of me. But I had at least started with the tyres a couple of days in advance, so when I started with the digger / tractor they had dried a bit and where ready to use. I also knew I wanted the traffic cones around the digger / tractor, so these where made pretty quickly too. But everything worked really smooth and I was actually finished with the cake early Saturday morning, and delivery was in the afternoon, so quite a lot of time in advance this time! :)

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