Second cake order for the year was also with horse / pony decoration. But since this time it was for a 10 y.o., I didn’t want to use the same design as the last one which was for a younger kid.
For the first time in ages I missed a bit on the sponge cake. It was okay, it rose and was not dry, but it was just impossible to split into layers. The first one came out too think. And the second one too thin with a hole in the middle. And then there wasn’t enough to make a proper third layer, so that too was too thin. But nothing that a little patchwork couldn’t fix :) I think that not having the ingredients in room temperature might have been the problem with this one.

Next up was the decoration. I decided early on that a flat decoration would be easiest although I had seen some really beautiful modeled horses in 3D, but these are way above my skill level. Drawing 5000+ horses when I was a kid made it easy to cut out the head and the mane. Took about 20 mins. But the eye! Hate eyes. Made a number of different designs but in the end and after a couple of hours I just had to decide that one of them was ok. So this was the end result of the horse.

2015-01-09 22.52.36

Filling was raspberry and vanilla custard. I spackled the cake with strawberry butter cream to help the raspberry taste a little. And apparently it worked, got the best comment ever from the little birthday kid: ”This was the best cake we’ve ever had”. And then I forgot all the hassle I’d had :)