Yoda is my favorite character from the Star Wars franchise, so I had pretty high standards set for modelling him when a friend asked me to create a cake decoration which incorporated him and the Star Wars theme. Turned out he was a very difficult little character to create. I made the head and body with modelling paste, I had used it on the Swedish Chef and it is the best option for creating figures I think. The eyes were particularly tricky as I think you can see, since the figure isn’t more than 6 cm tall, everything is very small and it was difficult to do a lot with the eyes, at least for a newbie like myself.

2014-11-04 21.03.44-2

I used flower paste to create the cloak and I probably should’ve used that for the hands too, but I like the lightness the model paste provides, it makes it easier to attach the arms afterwards. But I still had to use spaghetti straws to attach the head and the hands properly. Over all, I’m not very happy with the figure, it looks more like an evil cousin than Yoda himself, but as long as the little kid receiving it is happy, it’s ok. And next time, I’ll make a slightly larger figure and try to work more around the eyes.