One of my best friends asked if I could make a cake for his birthday but the design was to be determined by his girlfriend so he could be a little surprised by it. And since he’s just back from DragonCon where he cosplayed as the Swedish Chef, she came up with the brilliant idea of making this his birthday cake.

2014-09-16 22.06.10


I havent really made a figure like this before so I started with the head, thinking that if I got that right, the rest woukd be a doodle. It wasn’t.  The head was really easy,  but the rest of the body and especially the hands was really tricky. But now I know. The figure is made with modelling paste / flower paste and since I had to cheat and stable the head and hands a bit with toothpicks,  it’s non edible.

2014-09-21 11.34.58


I filled the cake with raspberry and dark chocolate mousse and since the chocolate tends to overwhelm, I added a bit of raspberry to the butter cream to balance it.