The day before I left on a two week trip, my friend asked me if I could make a cake for the week when I returned. It was for a surprise party she was throwing for a friend. Since the design wasn’t too complex, I said ok. At first she wanted a ”princess cake style filling” (which usually is a lot of whipped cream and some raspberry jam and vanilla custard), but she then decided on strawberry and vanilla.

So I started with the strawberry mousse, but since it contains a little bit of vanilla custard I thought it was pretty boring and might be bland to put these two together. And since the design was Coco Chanel and a surprise party, what better than champagne? So I whipped up a champagne mousse, it’s not super yummy on its own, but together with the strawberry mousse – yum! My friend said it was the best cake she ever had, so I must have done something right.

This was a really easy cake to make, the only thing that took some time and could be improved was the black marzipan. I didn’t have any precolored, so I had to use extra black. And even then, it turned out in a shade of blue. So next time I’ll make sure to use the precolored stuff.