”Choose whatever fillings you like as long as it has some bunnies as decorations” I like those types of orders, they’re fun to make since you can go bananas with the fillings. And still I made the raspberry / white chocolate. But in my defense, I had very little time and I also needed to make the sponge cake gluten free, something I hadn’t tried before.

So the sponge cake. Used the wrong mix first time and it came out from the oven looking like it had been used for a cushion. Straight down the trash it went and the next day I had to shop for another mix. And this was thursday, I usually put everything together on Thursday if the cake is due Saturday. Oh well, this gave me time to fix the rest of the decorations and the fillings. So on Friday after successfully making the second gluten free sponge cake, really tasty this one,  I put everything together but decided I didn’t have time to color the sugar paste, so I kept the white color.