Turned out to be a real rush cake this one, got the order on Wednesday and it was due Saturday.
But having pre-coloured marzipan, a good procedure and a dish washer actually helps a lot. Did the sponge cake and strawberry fruit compote on Wednesday, together with a couple of the jungle animals while whisking the butter cream. On Thursday I started with the white chocolate mousse which has to be cooled for a while and then the strawberry mousse and then putting everything together. Since I was out of time, I had to get finished marzipan covers, I don’t usually use them since i think that they don’t taste as good as the other marzipan, but when time is scarce it’s an ok option. So on Friday, all i had to do was finishing the rest of the animals and decorations and voila! Finished cake in 3 days :) And the best part of all was the the birthday girl and all her friends loved the cake :)