This was a lot of fun doing and I was very happy that it was one of the ”easier” Hulks, not having to model the actual figure. Everything is covered in sugarpaste and with this one I used suparpaste from Squire Kitchen. A bit more expensive, but easy to mold, pre-coloured and a lot tastier imho, so it’s totally worth it. Everything is done freehand, didn’t use any cut outs or anything, it’s just easier to place the sugarpaste on the cake and then use a scissor to create the hair, eyes and mouth. Filling is banana mousse and Dumle mousse, covered in vanilla marshmallow butter cream. I liked the combo, but I was still pretty nervous having to fill the cakes Thurday evening knowing they wouldn’t be eaten until Sunday. They do get a lot better when they are prepped a few days in advance, and I hope that was the case here as well (I haven’t dared to ask yet :))

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