Making a decoration with Lightning McQueen from Cars. Well that can’t be too hard, right? But, as it turned out yet again: everything that involves dying and working with black paste is hard. It stains everywhere; the work bench, the tools and worse: on all the other sugarpaste that is not intented to have a look of being just slightly dirty. The trick is to start with the bright colours, clean all tools and the work bench inbetween colours (boring and time consuming but much needed!) and more importantly: use disposable gloves, a new pair for each dye. This way of working will use up a lot of disposable gloves, but it’s worth it and I think the colors looks bright and vibrant enough. And also, even though I only bake for my friends I think they appreciate the fact that I never actually touch their cake or decoration with my bare hands. I know I would :)

2014-04-24 23.33.30