A friend of mine wanted a cake for his daughter’s 2nd birthday and she absolutely loves Pippi Longstocking so I chose a flat layout thinking it would be easier. Well…. the horsie was easy enough, but the Pippi-figure – not so much. The decorations were made in a mixture of marzipan and sugar paste (easier to mold than pure almond paste), but the down side is that sugar paste dries out quite quickly, so the more delicate parts of the decoration, like the arms and fingers were difficult to rearrange to fit the horse once the decoration was done. And of course I had to do real braids instead of just embossing it into the hair which took its time too…

2014-04-12 22.28.26 2014-04-12 22.28.08


Filling: sponge cake, mango mousse and mango jam, all covered in vanilla marshmallow buttercream and a mixture of marzipan / sugarpaste

Time used: 3 hrs for cake and fillings, 8 hrs for covering and decorating