Archive: april 2014

I have been modelling these guys for quite some time and so far there are five members in the Barefoot Santa family: Old Pop, Big Hand, Big Nut, Barefoot and Big Ear. I have a couple of others, but they’re

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2014-04-28 20.30.02-2

Made a pair of baby sneakers yesterday at the cake course, and they were really easy and fun to model! The sole is made in modelling paste which dries a bit on the outside but is still soft inside, so

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2014-04-24 23.33.10

Making a decoration with Lightning McQueen from Cars. Well that can’t be too hard, right? But, as it turned out yet again: everything that involves dying and working with black paste is hard. It stains everywhere; the work bench, the

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A friend of mine wanted a cake for his daughter’s 2nd birthday and she absolutely loves Pippi Longstocking so I chose a flat layout thinking it would be easier. Well…. the horsie was easy enough, but the Pippi-figure – not

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First attempt at a weeding cake today, not too shabby with only two hours modelling time