Soo much fun making this one! Having spent most of my childhood and early teens modelling clay figures,  I new the animals would be a blast to make. And they were, but modelling always thake longer than you first think it will, because it’s all in the details. Not having a clear plan for the cake, I made more decorations than I used in the end. Next time, a drawing of the cake beforehand would be good to not overspend both marzipan and time. And I also won’t have to spend the last morning panicking over not having an actual farm house, and spending the early morning hours to fix one.

2014-03-14 21.23.37

The cake was due Saturday, so I started out making some of the decorations on Monday. Just put them in a sealed bag or box and they won’t dry out too much. Got to do this one in marzipan which I love, it’s more similar to modelling clay.

Next step was the sponge cake. The recipe I use just tend to get more and more moist the more it sits, so I made it on the Tuesday and wrapped it carefully. My friends wanted raspberry / blueberry flavour, so I made a compote with these two berries and mixed it with whipped cream and vanilla custard to get a tasty mousse for the first layer, and with raspberry only for the second layer. I also added some raspberry sauce to the butter cream for the cover.

2014-03-14 19.05.26       2014-03-14 19.20.26     2014-03-15 09.10.42     2014-03-15 09.22.21

I still use too much marzipan / sugarpaste for the cover, think I got enough of the green to cover another cake, but it’s getting there, slowly.

And I also need to improve my cleaning during the process, this is how the kitchen looked when I was finished.

2014-03-15 09.24.02